Vein Treatments

After a thorough assessment of the veins, our vein specialists will determine the best possible treatment for each patient. Treatments include:

vein catheterization process - Northeast Houston Vein Center - Atascacita, Humble, Kingwood TX
perforating veins - Northeast Houston Vein Center - Atascacita, Humble, Kingwood TX

The Venefit™ procedure

The Venefit procedure is an alternative treatment choice to conventional vein stripping surgery. We use an ultrasound to guide the closure catheter into the diseased vein through a small opening in the skin. The catheter delivers radiofrequency energy, heating the vein wall. The collagen in the wall contracts and the vein closes due to the heating effect. Blood is re-routed to healthy veins once the diseased vein is closed. Patients typically return to normal activities within a day.

Ambulatory phlebectomy

The surgical removal of surface veins though small skin incisions is called ambulatory phlebectomy. This is typically performed at our center using local anesthesia.


We perform sclerotherapy, a cosmetic medical procedure, to treat varicose veins and spider veins. We inject a solution into the veins, which irritates the vessel lining so it swells and sticks together. Then, the blood clots. Sclerotherapy cures spider veins in three to six weeks, and larger veins in three to four months.

Treating the veinous ulcer (perforating veins)

Antibiotics, salves and compression therapy are traditional, yet oftentimes ineffective, treatments for venous ulcers. The Venefit™ procedure RFS stylet gives us a minimally invasive device specifically cleared by FDA for the treatment of ineffectual perforating veins, the most common origin of your leg ulcers. Call us today to see if Venefit™ is right for you.

Vein Gogh

Vein Gogh is a state-of-the-art procedure that is the fast, easy way to reliably treat cosmetically unacceptable conditions like telangiectasia and spider veins, usually with less discomfort compared to older therapies.

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The Venefit Procedure


Vein Gogh

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