Restless Leg Syndrome

What Is Restless Legs Syndrome?

Restless Legs Syndrome, more formally known as Willis-Ekbom Disease, affects about one in 10 American adults according to the National Sleep Foundation. It causes intense and uncomfortable sensations in the legs that make it difficult to relax when you’re lying in bed at night. If you’ve been experiencing sleep disruptions on a regular basis due to leg discomfort, you may want to discuss Restless Legs Syndrome with Dr. Madaiah Revana and explore treatment options.

What Is Restless Legs Syndrome?
One of the conditions that vein doctors often treat patients for is called Restless Legs Syndrome or RLS. It’s an uncomfortable feeling that runs down the length of the legs, making you want to move them. Sensations may include aching, crawling, creeping, or throbbing in the legs. These symptoms often happen when you’re lying in bed, which makes it difficult to relax and get a good night of sleep. Though this is not a condition that is particularly concerning or indicative of an underlying condition, it is often related to an iron deficiency, anemia, or peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage).

What Causes RLS?
RLS doesn’t have a clearly known cause, but symptoms could show up due to lifestyle factors, like poor dietary choices or weight gain. It is a condition that could be inherited. Women who are pregnant often complain of Restless Legs Syndrome due to hormonal and body changes. A blood test can help identify a potential iron deficiency, which can be resolved by eating better foods or taking a supplement.

Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment
Medications are available that can relieve the symptoms of RLS and allow you to get your proper rest each night. Some medications help boost dopamine, which helps the legs and body relax while others relax your muscles or make you fall asleep faster. Your doctor may suggest an ultrasound to look at the veins in the legs and check how blood is flowing. You may also get relief by getting light to moderate exercise each day, taking warm baths more regularly, and using hot or cold compresses on the legs.

Help Is Available
Restless Legs Syndrome can disrupt your ability to get the rest that you need to have productive days. The team at Northeast Houston Vein Center in Humble and Houston, TX can provide you with venous treatments and therapies to give you relief. Call 281-446-4638 today to schedule a visit with Dr. Madaiah Revana.

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