Ulcer Treatment in Humble, TX, Kingwood, TX, and Atascocita, TX

One issue of particular concern to patients who have been diagnosed with circulatory problems (including some diabetic patients) is the possible development of ulcers. Ulcers form on the skin from tissue damage caused by blood disorders, wounds, infections, and other ailments. Learn more about ulcers and the ways that they can be treated most effectively.

What Is an Ulcer?
An ulcer is an infected wound that reaches deep into the inner layers of the skin. It is usually round in shape, red, blood-tinged, and inflamed. It will sometimes produce pus and other fluids. Unlike a standard sore or wound, an ulcer doesn’t always go away by treating it with hydrogen peroxide, ointment, and bandages—a more aggressive treatment may be needed to reverse the effects of the infection. If treatment isn’t prompt and thorough, an infected ulcer can continue to damage the muscles and eventually reach the bone tissue.

Types of Ulcers
Ulcers can develop just about anywhere on the body, from the face, to the buttocks, to the calves, to the gastrointestinal tract. One common type is a venous ulcer, which is found on the lower extremities (legs, feet, or ankles). A venous ulcer is caused by lack of blood flow in the veins that eventually causes perforated wounds on the skin. This condition is common in patients who have uncontrolled diabetes because their blood isn’t circulating as optimally as it should.

Ulcer Treatments
In the early stages, an ulcer can be treated by disinfecting the wound and covering it with a healing salve or antibiotic cream. But as the ulcer progresses, the diseased tissue may have to be completely removed to allow for new healthy tissue to emerge. In more advanced cases, a surgical procedure may be needed to save the limb. It is very important to have a painful, infected ulcer looked at by a vein doctor as early as possible.

See a Doctor for Help with Ulcers
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