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Laser Hair Removal


What Is Laser Hair Removal Used For?

Dealing with unwanted hair that you’re tired of having to wax, pluck and shave all the time? Looking for a more effective and long-term solution when it comes to hair removal? Women alone spend tens of thousands of dollars on hair removal products and care each year. If you’re looking for a treatment option that will help you achieve more permanent hair loss, then it may be time to consider talking to our team here at Northeast Houston Vein Center about the GentleMax Pro.

Why the GentleMax Pro?

In the past, people haven’t always been fully satisfied with their hair removal results, even after several treatment sessions. The team at Northeast Houston Vein Center wanted to change all this. That’s why we offer the GentleMax Pro, an FDA-approved system that uses both an Alexandrite and Nd: YAG laser for a dual-performance system that is far more effective than the traditional intense pulsed light that’s typically used for laser hair removal.

What should I expect from laser hair treatment?

If you do decide to turn to us for laser hair removal, we usually recommend anywhere from five to seven sessions spaced about a month apart in order to achieve the best results; however, this will depend on the area or areas you wish to treat, as some parts of the body respond faster to laser hair removal.

Before the treatment begins, we will apply a topical anesthetic to the treatment area to numb the area beforehand. This will eliminate any discomfort. The length of the treatment will really depend on the area that we are treating. Smaller areas like the upper lip or bikini area may only take about 10-15 minutes while larger areas like the legs, back or chest may take up to 30-45 minutes.

Is the GentleMax Pro right for me?

If you are dealing with dark unwanted hair that makes you feel self-conscious then you could benefit from our laser hair removal system. Thanks to the dual laser technology, we are able to treat patients of all skin types.

If you are interested in learning more about the GentleMax Pro and the hair removal results you’ll achieve with this treatment, call Northeast Houston Vein Center at (281) 446-4638 to schedule a no-risk consultation with us.




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