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Keeping Customers Happy With Minimally Invasive ClosureFast & Vein Gogh Procedures

We have been serving Houston, TX for 30 years. It is our mission to relieve our patients of pain and help in restoring their looks, health and vitality. You will feel at ease at our medical center. Thousands of patients have benefited from our multiple vein treatments including the ClosureFastâ„¢ procedure, Endovenous Laser Treatments (EVLT), Ambulatory Phlebectomy and Sclerotherapy.

Read below to see what some of our patients have to say about their experience with Northeast Houston Vein Center.

"The procedure was easy. No pain, 30-40 minutes and I was done. I returned to normal immediately. No down time. I am able to walk with no pain and my legs look wonderful (I'm a man). LOL"

[ Ken ]

"Before I had heavy legs and no circulation. I chose to have the procedure to relieve symptoms. I started to notice improvement the next day and legs feel better."

[ Maple ]

"The procedure was quite comfortable. I felt leg heaviness and cramping prior to having the procedure. I respect and trust Dr Revana, and have not been disappointed. Within days after the procedure I felt no pain or cramping. I can walk for longer distance without sitting to rest, and can stand longer."

[ Joanne ]

"The procedure was simple and painless. I had swelling of my ankles, calf and feet with sores that would not heal, skin discoloration and pain. Within two days, I returned to normal activities and I am now able to move around with no discomfort and my sores have healed."

[ John ]

"The procedure was not uncomfortable. I was having a lot of pain and swelling which was very uncomfortable. Improvement was very soon and life is much better, without the pain."

[ Mildred ]

"The procedure took 45 minutes to an hour with some discomfort. My legs were tired, very painful and heavy prior to the procedure. I noticed an improvement as soon as I got off the bed. I have lost 15 pounds of fluid and no longer hurt. I am even exercising on the treadmill."

[ Anne ]

"During the procedure I was relaxed and had very little pain. Prior to the procedure, I was having a lot of pain in both legs and restless legs. I went back to normal activity the next day and saw improvement almost immediately."

[ Louise ]

"I have had restless legs and nightly leg cramps for at least seven to eight years, I chose the VNUS closure procedure because it seemed to be simpler and less painful than other treatments. The procedure for me was short and was remarkably pain free. I only felt minor irritation from the needles used during the procedure. I returned to normal activities the same day. Within a couple of days the leg cramps and restless legs were gone and my legs feel much stronger."

[ Gary ]

"I chose to have the procedure because my legs were hurting, cramping, and felt tired all the time. It was a good experience with some pain. I returned to normal activity the next day. Improvement took about one week. Legs are not cramping and hurting at night anymore."

[ Chris ]

"Prior to the procedure I suffered from extreme leg pain and heaviness. I suffer from diabetic neuropathy. During the procedure, I felt the weight leaving the legs; within two days, I had great improvement, almost immediately."

[ Danny ]

"For a year or more my legs have felt heavy with cramps and I wasn't able to walk to my car from the house. After having the procedure, within two weeks, I could walk in a grocery store and at four weeks, I was going to the mall."

[ Andrea ]

"This has been a miracle in my life having the procedure. For the last four years, my legs have felt numb, cold and swollen from the calves down with discoloration in my feet and legs. I had uncontrollable cramps in my legs at night and very restless. After the procedures, I would return to normal activity almost immediately. The improvement of symptoms was noticed from the very first treatment. I am now able to stand longer, sit and walk longer without even noticing any problems with my legs."

[ Kathleen ]

"Since having the procedure my active level has increased, enabling me to walk and even dance with little to no pain. The experience was not painful and the staff was precise on procedures."

[ Joyce ]

"No more swelling or discoloration! I was back working out at the gym within 2-3 weeks. The swelling, skin discoloration and leg cramps were a bother. All of this within a month from receiving the procedure has benefited me. I experienced some discomfort and slight soreness after each procedure, which subsided eventually."

[ Mary Jane ]

"I experienced leg swelling and restless legs at night. The symptoms of swelling, restless legs and pain were gone within a week!"

[ Edward ]

"After the procedure, I can walk better and I no longer experience any pain at night. The procedure was very quick and on time. I noticed a difference after the procedure in the same day - my legs feel much lighter!"

[ Terry ]

"After receiving the procedure, I returned to normal activity the next day. Improvement took about one week. No pain and cramping at night and legs are not as tired. The procedure was a good experience, some pain."

[ Chris ]

"Prior to the procedure my legs and feet hurt most of the time and the bottom of my feet felt like they were on fire. I wore compression stockings for 3 1/2 months without any relief so I turned to Dr. Revana for the Venous Procedure."

[ John ]

"Prior to the procedure I experienced pain, restless legs and I could not walk very far. The only pain felt during the procedure was the shots of lidocane. I noticed an improvement within less than three days. No more pain! I could walk, no restless legs and my sleep is much more improved. My legs feel 20 years younger!"

[ Ollie ]

"I chose the procedure to help the pain in my legs and to help me sleep better. I noticed the difference in about a day."

[ Randle ]

"I experienced blood pooling in and around my ankle which led to skin discoloration in the lower extremities. During the procedure I experienced no pain or discomfort and it took approximately 30 minutes. The very next day I noticed improvement."

[ Joan ]

"My legs hurt for two years. The procedure was painless and took about an hour. Within one to two weeks, I noticed a change and no longer experienced any pain."

[ Aubrey ]

"I had swelling of the calf, ankles and feet. I had sores that would not heal and discoloration of the ankles and feet. For two years I had pain in my legs. The procedure was simple and painless and I noticed changes within two days."

[ John S. ]

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