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What Is Causing My Leg Pain?

How your doctor in Humble, Texas can help you feel better.

Leg pain can make you miserable, affecting your ability to stay active and enjoy your life. The doctors at Northeast Houston Vein Center can help. They have convenient office locations in Humble, and Houston, Texas to help you feel better.

There are many issues that can cause leg pain including stressed or strained muscles, ligaments, or tendons, but sometimes leg pain can be from a deeper cause, a problem with your circulation and your veins.

If you have a problem with your circulation, it can cause inadequate blood flow to your extremities, including your legs. If you are having leg pain due to a circulatory problem, it could be:

Peripheral artery disease, also known as PAD; this condition is caused by plaque building upon the walls of the arteries. The plaque buildup will narrow the artery walls, causing either a partial or full blockage of blood flow.

Deep vein thrombosis; this condition is caused by a blood clot forming in a main artery or vein. The blood clot can either partially block or completely block blood flow to your legs, causing leg pain.

If you are suffering from leg pain, there are a few things you can do to get relief. You can try:

It’s important to visit your cardiovascular specialist for diagnostic testing to determine the cause of your leg pain and the most effective treatment to help you get relief. To find out more about vein treatments available at Northeast Houston Vein Center, please visit the Vein Treatments section on the website at

You don’t have to suffer from leg pain. To find out more about leg pain treatments, call the doctors of Northeast Houston Vein Center in Humble, TX at (281) 446-4638 and Houston, TX (281) 446-4638.

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